Betting on Cycling

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The Basics of Cycling Betting

Although cycling may not be the most universally famous sport, it has gained its fair share of popularity in recent years. Online casinos now feature cycling betting, which has turned around the world of betting. These casinos also offer free bet, which allows players to play for free. These are called no deposit bonuses and are a great way for a new player to try some casino platform before he is ready to deposit his own money. Casino bonuses are crucial and a game-changer when it comes to sports betting, but the wise thing is to always look up for reliable and legal sites. To help you with that, we have provided you a great source to inform yourself properly. Visit and discover the importance of no deposit bonuses. As a player, understanding the basics of the different types of race betting and how to use the sports betting calculations would go a long way. Let's deliberate more on it.

Understanding Different Race Types

Before you go ahead to place your first bet, you need to understand the different types of road cycling racing. The kind of race would determine the outcome of the game and the odds of the game. Here are four different types of cycling racing.

  • Single-day

This type of racing could be 290km or 180miles long. The race is such that its course runs through different places and may comprise more than one laps. There are some courses which combine both.

  • Time trial

This type of racing is an event where the cyclist race alone against the clock. This terrain is usually flat, mountain road, or rolling terrain.

  • Stage races

The stage race consists of several races or stages that are ridden consecutively. The competitor that has the lowest cumulative time to complete all the stages would be declared the overall and general winner.

  • Ultramarathon

Ultramarathon or ultra-distance cycling is a single-stage long cycling event where the clock for the race continuously runs from the beginning to the end. This type of race usually lasts for several days, and the riders may take breaks occasionally on their schedules, but the winner remains the first to cross the finish line.

You can bet on all these different cycling races in Ignition casino, which offers some of the best betting odds, and great welcome and no deposit bonuses for players.

How to Use the Sports Betting Odds

Finding value in the odds is one of the best ways to make money from sports betting. Understanding how to use these is one of the realistic ways to make money on a consistent and regular basis. In sports betting, there are different types of odds, each meaning the same thing but having a slightly different presentation.

  1. American odds

It is also known as Moneyline odds. As the name implies, they are primarily used for sports betting in the United States. In terms of Moneyline wagers in American odds, the favorite team is represented with a - symbol while the underdog with a + sign. If a game has an odd of +200 and you wager $100 if your prediction is correct, you'd win $200.

  1. Decimal odds

These is one of the most popular type. They are the favorite in sports betting among most Europeans. When you multiply the stake, you will get the amount of payout you'd receive. So, let's say the odds on a game is 1.50 and you wager $100 on a game. If your prediction is correct, you will win $150.

  1. Fraction odds

Lastly, there's also the fractional odds popular among the UK and Ireland bettors. It is straightforward to calculate. The second number or denominator to the right is the amount bet while the numerator or first number in the list is the amount you can win from your wager. For instance, in a game, Liverpool can have a chance of 10/15, and you wager $150. Your bet can yield $100 plus your wager; that's a total yield of $250. Also, another example can be Newcastle United with a chance of 5/1. If you wager $100, you can win $500 plus your wager making it a total yield of $600. So choose a legal online casino that offers the best casino bonus so you earn grat real money prizes.

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